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The Allestree - Nagpur Link

Chris & Trisha visit CNI-SSI page 3

Recently the women in the village have taken up road construction work on their own instead of allowing a contractor from outside. With this initiative more people in the village are getting employment and the sanctioned money from the government is directly reaching the beneficiaries.’

In an another village called Kesalwada Trisha and Chris went to witness a “street play”. Unfortunately the entire group could not be present since one of the group members lost his brother-in-law. He infact committed suicide under very suspicious circumstances. It could be one of those suicides which occur due to debts and crop failures. However, the street plays were staged in the village on various issues, such as ‘village health and hygiene’, ‘practice of dowry’, and ‘infanticide of a girl child’.

Chris recorded some parts of the plays in her video camera and had an interaction with the team. Both Chris and Trisha interviewed Mrs.Bharti Charan who has been in the field of social work and community organization for more than 17 years and also Ms.Kalyani Bhaske who has been working for more than 12 years. The main focus of the interview was how they as women go through odds of life as they perform as social workers and activists.

26th morning was a time for Chris and Trisha to visit the various sections of the Vocational Training Unit of CNI-SSI. And the evening was spent with the Director’s family.

27th to 30th Chris and Trisha were taken to few historical places in Maharashtra. Ajantha paintings near Aurangabad are 2000 years old paintings, depicting the life, culture, religion, economics and politics of the people at that time. Ellora caves are another wonderful stone carvings and sculpture depicting the great ethics of Ramayana, Mahabharata, and stories of Jainism. Shirdi was another place of a crystal clear example of contemporary spirituality and rise of baba’s in India.

However, Trisha and Chris were surprised and a bit disturbed by the crowds and commercialization of the religion at the center. The whole travel of 1500 kms by road gave them opportunities to see a lot of rural India and their lifestyle. On the way to Aurangabad, they also visited two rural congregations in Amravati and Akola had interaction with the priests and few church members.


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