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The Derbyshire Churches in Partnership with The Church of North India

2015 visits

149th anniversary Taljhari

Visit of women clergy

2017 is our 40th anniversary and there will be a celebration service
in Broadway Baptist Church on Sunday 21 May when we hope to have several Indian visitors with us

A party of teachers is visiting Kolkata in January

Curates from the Diocese of Derby will be in the Diocese of Durgapur in February

Volunteering Opportunities, read our leaflet here

The Derbyshire Churches Partnership with The Church of North India began in 1977 and involves ...
The Church of North India (CNI),is a united church established on 29 November 1970 by the bringing together of ...
Links have been established which have resulted in bringing to fruition the original aims of the Partnership ...
The partnership between the group of Churches in Derby and Church of North India Social Service Institute is of 25 years old. ...

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